About Us

Phu Quoc Island- (Near Cambodia)

Anna and Kyla met at a BBQ in Los Angeles where they bonded over the love for Notorious B.I.G., sumo wrestling and the art of coffee. Both were successful early into their careers, yet were on the hunt for their true passion. Their friendship quickly turned  perfect travel companions and have sought out to explore the world together.  Here’s a little bit about how they got here:

Anna Linnea

Anna FreedenfeldANNA LINNEA //  Needing to support her family from a young age she dove head first into her studies and career search taking everything in her life way too seriously. After waking up in Orange County California, in a job in real estate, living with a man that she loves but has never been on the same page, she found herself living a life far from what she ever imagined. Walking away from a comfortable, controlled lifestyle she has spent so much time perfecting; Anna quit her job, sold her car and cleansed herself of her belongings. With an extreme thirst for knowledge and a yearning to help those around her she sees travel as her opportunity to connect with people, learn what her true priorities are, and gain a higher understanding of the world around her. With an outgoing, smart, quirky personality she brings to the screen why taking the road of most resistance is essential to finding true happiness.

Kyla SmithKyla SmithKYLA SMITH // Growing up as a restless child she begun early on paving the road to success. Thriving in international sales, jump-starting a successful e- commerce yoga clothing business, and a unique educational language-learning-through-music series, she marked her take on the drive to be independent and self- sufficient from a very young age. She has an intriguing, eccentric personality that makes it hard to take your eyes off her. Having hiked in Patagonia and Peru, swam with Piranhas in the Amazon, and getting smuggled into Cuba she has proved herself to be fearless and anxiously awaiting each new adventure life has to bring. She is walking away from a 6-yr relationship, selling her business, and has realized Sublingual Music (www.sublingualmusic.com), her learning a language through music series, is her one true passion. Traveling is a must and going “home” is not an option.


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