Why Coffee?

Everybody asks why we are so fanatical about coffee? Is our urge for travel the effects of a caffeine overload? All good points and brings us to our favorite topic- “why coffee”?

It actually doesn’t have to be actual “coffee” (rich-bodied,  spectrum of earthly essence,  slow roasted to perfection, creativity’s muse and the-only-reason-to-get-out-of-bed-in-the-morning) beverage. It can be anything. Tea, mate, espresso or any other hot liquid that people congregate and sip while experiencing life.

We see “coffee” as a shared cultural experience. It differs slightly (or drastically) from one country to another and is an interesting insight as to how people live their life. Europeans love the art of enjoying espresso. Don’t ask them for it “to go” because they don’t know the meaning. Europeans stop what they are doing to sip on a hand-crafted 1 oz bliss to  recognize the day, congregate and talk about life.  For Tibetans butter yak tea is a necessity as a cultural experience.  Simply native tea leaves mixed with butter this low cost and high calorie drink provides a lot of energy and prevents chapped lips. Nomads drink up to 40 cups a day. For Americans, it is a standard to consume a basic drip coffee that they can serve an outlet of their creative spirit by doctoring up with a variety of sweeteners, spices, creamers, non-creamers, lowfat, soy or whipped creme.  They like it in a to-go cup, as they are on the move and onto the next place- no prisoners left behind.

We find these variations of a hot, comforting beverage fascinating and being a gateway into people, culture and civilizations. As we explore the world to discover universal variations of a “coffee shop”, we hope to bring you closer to the places and culture to make you want to explore them further… through your own cup!


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